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"We've poured our hearts and knowledge into this book to make your life easier in every way. Our hope is to ease the stress of shopping, preparing and cooking; to have you sitting around the table with your family sharing healthy, delicious home cooked meals"

jennifer boudewynart and jodi steinberg

About Jodi:

I love cooking! Exploring the flavour, colour and texture of food makes me happy. Being able to take simple ingredients and devise something delicious is a great passion.

I studied professional cooking and I am head chef for my catering company "Souperwoman." I also run the kitchen of a government daycare on the premises of McGill Campus University, which involves meeting all nutritional requirements, menu planning, shopping within a budget, all food preparation and cooking. With so many different palettes and ethnic backgrounds to please, I am challenged to invent and create new recipes regularly.

My husband and two kids also always appreciate my passion for food. Suppertime stress is a familiar feeling in my house, dealing with one child who is a picky eater and another who is a critique who eats with great gusto. Co-creating this book has allowed me to compile my knowledge in the kitchen in one place and to help get families back to basics in an easy, organized and delicious way.

About Jen:

I have a confession to make: unlike Jodi, I don’t actually love to cook, at least not the daily slog. However, eating healthy scrumptious food, being organized and sticking to a frugal budget is a passion!

My expertise is that of a parent who cooks from scratch almost every night with nutritious flavourful food that my willing family happily devours. My career has been dedicated to painting, drawing and creative adventures. Co-creating this book has allowed me to combine two of my skills: artistic creativity and a practical approach in the kitchen.

I have learned a great deal more about cooking and flavours from testing the recipes that Jodi has created. My family and friends appreciate this new found knowledge and I am certain you will too!

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Environment and Cost:


Although we have had many requests to print our book in hard copy, we have decided to save some trees + production energy and keep the book in digital format. Digital format also keeps costs low for you.